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A-008 was just a code in 2000. Now it is the first release in the blends from the Vault.

Blends from the Vault originate from a cigar blend book which, since 1982, has recorded every blend the Torano family has ever worked on. Amongst the blends recorded on the tobacco stained pages of this book are those which were released by the family together with those which were deemed to have tremendous potential but fell short of the family's high expectations. This book has come to symbolize the Torano's blending expertise and creativity, and is now securely stored in a safety deposit box in a bank vault.

Vault Blend A-008, with a Shade-grown Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper, a dual Ometepe, Nicaraguan and Jamastran, Honduran binder, and a Nicaraguan long-filler mix from Esteli and Condega, opens instantly to reveal a rich and flavorful base of spice and earth which is quickly rounded and complemented by notes of ripe fruit and anise. Vault is very complex and exhibits a multi-layered taste profile.