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I just had to write you a note on your excellent company, product offering, and customer service. I am a seasoned cigar smoker and am familiar with almost all online cigar retailers. Being retired, I have a lot of time to browse sites and have a few core companies that I favor. I understand the compeditive nature of the industry and realize that there are a lot of places to buy cigars. Although price is important, selection, timely shipping, and telephone customer service are factors that influence a buying decision. Nice Ash does all this very well! Your customer rewards program is outstanding, and for all those reasons, I have made you my " go to" place. Well done! -Tony I

I've been very happy with website, selection, packaging, shipping, and now service. Thank you again and have a nice day! -Christopher

I just thought I'd take a minute to write about my experiences... For quality, selection, freshness, price and shipping, Nice Ash has no competition. You are the best. Continue your efforts, they are appreciated! -Philip

Your service is great! When you are out of stock on an item, you email me so I know. When you are in stock, the package comes within a short time. -Jennifer

As always, the customer service at Nice Ash was first rate on my latest order! Other cigar sites on the web should study your business model from your pricing to your service after the sale. Then again, who needs 'em? Thanks from a very satisfied customer! -James B

Good morning. I just received my order and I can say you guys are great. I order about twice a month and your customer service is magnificent. Thanks for your efforts!!!!! Keep up the good work. -J. B. S.

Hi, Thanks, I saw the updated shipping email later last night. Great Job! As Always! -Greg

I called a few days ago when I received this shipment, about receiving a bunch of Tatuajes that smelled like Moontrance. As an update, they still do smell after sitting in separate humidors for a couple days, but they taste just fine, so I'm going to keep them, and I definitely appreciate the offer to replace them. In addition, I wanted to apologize about my tone on the phone - I was initially very upset at the order that I received, but I know that you would have done me right in the end, and that I placed you in an annoying situation. Thanks for the cigars (and the great prices), for the prompt call back, and for offering to replace my cigars - it is much appreciated, even if I didn't seem very gracious. I will be placing future orders with y'all. -Justin

Your staff demonstrated significant Customer Service this week, and I am pleased to elaborate. When I discovered a significant order misunderstanding ($130 vs $660), I called you. Not only did you take the time and effort to correct the misunderstanding, but you retrieved the order, already with UPS, so that it would not be sent. This alone was very well done, but you then went way beyond expectations by upgrading from 2 Day to Next Day Saving, so that my order would arrive as scheduled, but absorbed the cost of that upgrade. I am very pleased with your products, but am amazed at your customer care. -Buzz

I met you guys in the fall when visiting my in-laws in up there in PA. Thank you for your continued military support, I have 10 years active duty in the Army and will pin on major very soon and you can count on me to be smoking one of your cigars when the day comes. thank you. -Parker

Just want to let you guys know that I really enjoy the National Brand Maduros that I just bought. That is one hell of a cigar for the money. I have bought a lot of cigars from you guys and I appreciate the service. You guys have been terrific and the shipping of my product has been very timely. Great customer service gentleman. -Jim

I just received an email from the Maryland State Comptroller's Office. They are lifting the ban related to online cigar purchases. I guess it pays to complain. I wanted to send you a copy of the letter but couldn't find an email address that worked for your company.I'll be placing my order soon. No one else compares to dealing with your company. -Jake

Hello, I recently placed my first order with your company, and couldn't have been more happy with the prices of the cigars I ordered, and their condition when they arrived. I primarily order 5 packs and you guys offer more of them then any company I've dealt with. Thank you. -James

NiceAsh: Dealt with several cigar internet companies these last couple of years. Your company by far is absolutely superior. I have never received cigars in a three/four day turnaround and solid shape. Never. Severed ties with my former cigar companies. Shall recommend your company to all my friends. -Phillip

You guys are great. Been with you for several years now. A few internet sites may beat your prices by just a few bucks, but I know I can always count on y'all for prompt delivery. Happy holidays from a satisfied customer. -Wayne
I would just like to thank you for the box of Fuente's I received today. Your Customer Service is outstanding. -Ron

It's been about 5 years since I first discovered Nice Ash and it still has the largest selection of quality cigars at best prices I can find anywhere. Sure, if I look hard enough, I can find a specific cigar at a cheaper price elsewhere...BUT, it's a crap shoot. I usually end up with a dried up, poorly maintained stick that's generally worthless when I order elsewhere. Nice Ash cigars has consistently provided me with very high quality, well maintained smokes. Customer service deserves a mention, as well. I have contacted customer service a number of times when trying to locate a specific cigar that was out of stock or otherwise unavailable at Nice and every attempt was made to locate and acquire the product for me, usually with great success. Thank you, Nice Ash. You are still my go to cigar connection, despite the fact that I have many high and low end cigar retailers and lounges in my local area. -John

I want to say thanks for your great service.You have the best prices on Padron's, no one compares.My orders always arrive in a few days and the cigars are fresh and ready to smoke.The one time a cigar was damaged you replaced it immediately with no questions. More retailers should treat customers the way you do! -Mark

Smokey, I want to thank your customer service people for taking care of a problem I had with a recent order. I called and spoke to a gentleman who checked my order and saw the inconsistency right away. He apologized and advised he would have the missing cigars sent out right away. I received those cigars today with no issues. I just wanted to say "thank you" for the outstanding service. The fact that you have the absolute best prices is great but your customer services is second to none as well. Having been a satisfied customer for several years, I think it is important to pass those feelings along from time to time. Thank you again! -Wendell

Thank you so much for the heads up! Once again you have exceeded my expectations for customer service! Often, I am told that I will be "gotten back to" by other companies after they "look into it" only to be brushed off later after they've forgotten about my request. But you have delivered as promised, and I really appreciate it! Rest assured that I refer everyone I know that is shopping for non-Cuban cigars to your website, in person and on the cigar forums... Your prices are usually the best to be found, shipping is prompt and secure, and your customer service is top-notch! Keep up the excellent work! -Mike

Just wanted to thank you for the nice lighter. There are many reasons that I ONLY buy cigars from you guys... trust, service, customer appreciation and value are only a few. Thanks again!!! -Jim

Thank you. I received my order yesterday and was most pleased. I will definitely order from you again. -Vittorio
Received the Camacho Corojo's yesterday... your description was dead on... enjoyed much. will order more. Thanks -Bobby

Wow, Dave. Thanks for getting those out today. It says they will be here Saturday. You never seem to fail to impress me. Also thank you for matching that price. I'll be in touch. -Joe

I also wanted to thank you for being the cigar shop with the BEST prices. Your prices and service destroy the competition. I haven't even considered purchasing a cigar anywhere else. -Joseph

Love the Monthly Cigar Club. The selection each month offers some favorites as well as new sticks that I would not normaly try. Have yet to be disappointed. Keep up the great work. -David

Your customer service is absolutely terrific. I will definitely recommend you to my cigar smoking friends. Thanks, again, for your patience and being so customer sensitive. -Michael

Fellas, Just a quick hit today....I wanted to tell you that the past 2 months of your Taste of Excellence selections have been STELLAR! You really do put together a nice combo of sticks. Keep up the good work. -Dave

Thank you for your fast reply, another example of great customer service of which I've been told many times about your store. -Glen

Thanks for the up-date. I'll wait to hear. As always, I do think you guys have the best customer service! -Phil

Thanks for offering such a wonderful cigar at a great price. -Wayne N

I've been a long time fan! NAC ALWAYS gets my order fast, cheap and all the cigars are of high quality. You put a lot of thought in your specials! Great Job!! Two Thumbs Way UP ?;^) I'll keep on spreading the word... -Frank

The Taste of Excellence selections this summer have been outstanding. Too bad it is only 5 a month. Glad to know where I can always get more - NAC Rocks! -David

You guys are awesome. Thank you very much for your great prices and I can't wait to enjoy the smokes. Not really ordering instructions, but you get the idea. Any problems with the order, feel free to call me and we can figure everything out. Cheers -Tom H

Hey Rob, It is always a pleasure doing business. I have sent several of my friends your way. Great job with your business. Thanks again! -Bob H

I just wanted to thank you for all the years of fast service and great cigars. Thanks a bunch! -Paul

What a great deal on my cigars. Best site in the industry. -Gunner

Your Co. is the best, I've been a loyal customer for the past 6-7 years. -Frank K

Thanks....I appreciate you guys taking care of me! You do truly understand customer service. -Mark

Thanks for great customer service and prices on my favorite Tats! -Mark

Thanks for your fast service, I'm amazed at the super speed on delivery, and great products always available. You are my 'go-to' cigar company. Best wishes for the Holidays. -Bill

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with I had been looking all over for a specific brand of cigars and found them in only 2 different places online (Sauza Hornitos as singles or 5-packs). You were, by far, the cheaper of the two. As a matter of fact, I will be returning to order from your site, as your prices are an absolute deal. As for ordering, you provide a smooth and easy process, no questions asked. And when I realized I had made a mistake, all I had to do was call. The person helping me was super nice and added on to my order what I had forgot. He also made a recommendation that I had not even thought about, but was happy to add to my order! He was more than willing to help me out, making the process even easier. Thank you again for everything and keep up the great work! -Casey

Last week I ordered some Gurkha cognac tubos. Got an immediate verification of the order and an almost overnight delivery. -Richard

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for refunding the shipping on that last order. You've gone beyond expectations with your service -Buzz

Thank you very much for your quick service. I love the condition of your cigars. -John

Great prices and FANTASTIC service! That's a combination I don't find very often, but I love it when I do. I love being able to call for clarification when I have a question, and your shipments always go out the same day I order. Thank you! I recommend to all my cigar-loving friends and haven't found anyone who can compare with you. Thanks for all you do, and I'd encourage anyone who is hesitant to give you a try. I've never had a bad experience with you--not even a hint of a problem. Thanks for being a trust source for great cigars! -Phil

Lol, nevermind.. it looks like the order is sent. I thought it was going to take a while. Thanks a ton for the service. -Joe