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Everybody knows the phrase, "make him an offer he can't refuse." Well, when the Garcia family (My Father) tells you that they have a small batch of Pelo de Oro tobacco that can be yours - only if you're interested, of course - you don't turn the offer down.

Named after a region of France known for producing pinot noir grapes, L'Atelier's Cote d'Or is constructed with a Sancti Spiritus wrapper (a Pelo de Oro and Criollo hybrid) and a filler and binder blend of Nicargauan tobaccos as well as the previously mentioned PdO. Notes of mild green tea, raisin, cocoa, hearty spice, pepper, rich tobacco, oak, stonefruit, earth, tannin and grilled protein are present in this well-balanced cigar that begins medium-bodied but ends full. We hesitate to draw out any wine comparisons but it's an apt analogy: just as some wines are feisty and immensely enjoyable when young but matured and more elegant when given time to relax, we feel that Cote d'Or is a great candidate for extended aging with the smoker will be rewarded for revisiting this cigar in 12-to-24 months. Of course, after tasting this we wouldn't blame you for smoking them all now, either. This is a Top 10 blend for sure!